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Extracurricular Activities

The Castle Hill Middle School
Extracurricular Activities

Castle Hill School M.S. 127 is located at 1560 Purdy Street, Bronx, New York and is in the Parkchester Region of the Bronx. The school is in district 11, Region 2 and is within the 43rd police precinct. Our Principal, Mr. Harry Sherman, has facilitated the start of many new sports programs since his arrival at M.S. 127 in 2005. We have a variety of extracurricular programs that all students have the opportunity to become involved in.

Our Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Basketball, Flag Football, Cheerleading, Track and Field and Step/Dance teams are geared towards sports and academic enrichment. These programs are providing the school students and staff with a renewed school spirit.

Our programs are geared towards sports and academic achievement. The Boy’s basketball team practice from 7:00 – 8:15 a.m. and one other day for 1 hour after school. The Girl’s Basketball and Cheerleaders practice four days a week after school. The Flag Football, Track and Field, and Step Teams practice twice a week. All the coaches have implemented a mandatory academic component to make sure that all of our students are doing their homework and getting classroom projects completed. A study hall routine, Supplemental Education Service, or after school tutoring program provides the educational support that all the coaches use.

The incentive of participating on school teams is having a positive affect on the academic approach of many of the students involved. This is extremely important to us as educators. The Mission of Castle Hill School 127 is to strive for academic excellence by maintaining high expectations for all students and staff. Each child can and must achieve academically, develop a strong personal sense of discipline and social responsibility as we work to create within our school a “Thinking Community”, where teachers, students, staff, parents and community learn to work collaboratively in order to enhance the quality of education. 


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