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Castle Hill Middle School 127
1560 Purdy Street  Bronx, New York 10462  (718) 892-8600

Harry Sherman, Principal

Bryant Jackson, AP Organization      Michael Melvin, AP New World Academy
 Felicia Yarber, APIA Renaissance Academy

The implementation of PBIS into our school’s culture was a process that required the effort of many. The first plan of action we took was to form a PBIS team. The team consists of teachers, deans, administrators, and the parent coordinator. We gather on a regular basis to organize activities that are designed to benefit our students and to discuss any issues or concerns related to PBIS. As an administrator, my role is to facilitate our meetings, help delegate tasks, prepare reports, prepare the budget, and work collaboratively with the team and faculty.

Once the team was organized, we then provided Professional Development training to inform the entire staff of the benefits PBIS could have in our building. We then set up a system that rewards positive behavior. As a PBIS team, we have set up a school matrix of student expectations for every area of the school.

Our school acronym, A.R.M.O.R., stands for Academics, Respect, Management, Organization, and Responsibility. Students that meet these expectations, or wear their A.R.M.O.R., are rewarded with Pence. A Pence is a form of currency in our school that students can use to purchase things, i.e., phone call home from their favorite teacher or Principal or lunch with a staff member. Our team has also organized a monthly event known as “Friday Knights,” (The Knight is our school’s mascot). This event is held during the school day and consists of a variety of events that are both educational and fun. Students can choose from a menu of activities that include, but are not limited to: chess, scrabble tournaments, softball, basketball, dance lessons, or an all day field trip. The only way students can participate in these events is if they purchase a ticket with their Pence. Many of our staff volunteers their prep time on these days to help run and supervise the events. This helps to ensure that “Friday Knights” is a success.

Our team makes assessments by using teacher surveys. These surveys let us know how they feel about the school environment. We use this data to determine if what we are doing is working. This information is a key piece in planning our next steps.

We also look at the total number of incidents and infractions, determine what level they are and whether they are increasing or decreasing. Repeat offenders are looked at closely to see if they are changing their behavior or making the same mistakes.

Finally, we judge our overall school climate. As a team, we are constantly reflecting and questioning. Do the students feel safer? Is the staff having fewer problems with discipline in class? Are people happy to walk in the building? What can we do to continue our progress? There is always room for improvement since nothing is ever perfect. However PBIS has proven to be an effective method of improving both our students’ behavior and our school atmosphere. We are finally working toward becoming a true learning community.

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