Middle School 181, along with parents and the home community, endeavors to create an environment that allows each child to develop his or her individual talents and abilities. We embrace standards-driven instruction, and strive to create problem solvers and independent thinkers who will become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

Gifted and Talented, SETS instruction, Speech, Computerized instruction, Special Education Inclusion Program, Hands On Laboratory Oriented Science program, Lincoln Center, PCEN Reading and Mathematics, Regents Acceleration program in Mathematics, Earth Science and Spanish Proficiency. Talent Program.

Service League for students in grades 5-8. National Junior Honor Society. Service League Inclusion Program for SIE I and SIE III. Outreach to local nursing home. Earth Day Celebration. Extended day for academic/non-academic remediation and enrichment.

Our Service League will continue its outreach to the Hebrew Home in Co-Op City. In addition, we will continue our involvement in programs such as City Harvest and Penny Harvest.
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