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Welcome to the 181 Math Department Home Page.  Please be advised that all math teachers will be collecting the Math Summber Packets on September 16, 2016 and will be scoring them accordingly.  

All of us, here, from the Math Department wish you a very enjoyable and productive school year.  Best of luck.

Having trouble in math?  
Need a copy of the text book? 

Please click the link below to see the upcoming Math Common Core Standards:

Math Common Core Standards

Math sites:

math games


math lesson videos
(if your child did not understand a lesson, click the topic and a short tutorial will be provided for you and your child)
Another great resource for math related videos is Please visit the site for help on a wide array of math topics.  This site was suggested by a student!  MS 181vwould like to thank Kamell Peterson of class 805 for his outstanding contribution to student success.

math playground
This site will allow parents to work with their child on various math skill.

This site will allow teachers, students and families with various math lessons.

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