Student Programs

Project BOOST (Building Options and Opportunities for Students)

is a program targeted at late elementary, middle and high school students who have demonstrated academic talent,  but come from disadvantaged neighborhoods where they do not have the opportunity to develop their talents. To accomplish this goal, Project BOOST provides students with academic and cultural enrichment experiences,  character education and team building,   positive   encouragement , and community service opportunities. Currently, 166 schools participate in Project BOOST. All of the schools serve  students from diverse communities. Whereas many other enrichment programs accept only the “best and the brightest,” Project BOOST admits students with a  range test scores who demonstrate commitment to success. Project BOOST is designed to serve the school and communities needs and can be integrated into the school day, after school and sometimes  can  even includes activities on nights and weekends.

After School

Directions For Our Youth
Incorporates graphic arts, sports, street smarts, games and homework for students grade 6 through 8.

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