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The ability for young people to succeed in tomorrow's society emerges not from a set of skills alone, but also from the ability to acquire knowledge, reflect, and react. At the GLOBE® School for Scientific Research, students experience an interactive curriculum that prepares them for success in this rapidly changing world. Students are held to the highest academic, social, and personal standards. The main purpose of this school is to provide a quality education in a safe environment

The GLOBE® School for Scientific Research recognizes the need to build strong family-school collaboration. We encourage families to participate and be part of the school community through volunteering, participating in goal-setting conferences with their children, family conferences, and other events. We believe that these events and practices support families and their children in developing a sense of pride, developing teamwork, and making appropriate choices.

The GLOBE® School for Scientific Research encourages students to continually take initiative and meet personal challenges which will lead to academic as well as emotional growth. The curriculum, in conjunction with the advisory system, helps to strengthen and support the academic connection formed between children, parents, faculty and the community.

Honors Program -Regents Prep
* Specialized High School Prep

Family Workshops

Accelerated Science classes

Technology Intensive-
Fordham University-R2D2 Grant

GLOBE Environmental Science Program

Academic Intervention programs in ELA and math.


Peer mentoring in collaboration with Bronx. Aerospace High School, Bronx Lab H.S. and the High School for Writing and Communication Arts

Student Activities:
  -Robotics Team
  -Game of 24® teams
  -YMCA-Youth in Govt.
  -Science Club
  -Student Government
  -Jr. Knicks Basketball
  -Photography Club
  -Caribbean Club
  -Art Club

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