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The students' middle school experience will be a three-year study in planning, developing, implementing and promoting their creative "P" in to a marketable product.

The educational program will provide a comprehensive instructional curriculum for FORWARD writers interested in creative and expository writing. The goal of the proposed school is to promote and develop writers' language skills, understanding of other cultures through creative writing and provide a well-rounded foundation of knowledge upon which to draw. The school will value and enhance oral and written language proficiency, cultural exchange, social skills and academic excellence. The essential features of the school's writing instruction program will include writing courses in Film, Orchestration, Writing, Art, Recording and Drama (FORWARD). These courses will provide the fundamental background to be used in developing plays (screen and stage) and all other genres of writing and will be necessary ingredients in the development of the final writing "P" requirement for graduation. These courses will be supported, enhanced and further developed through internships, community partnerships and family involvement.
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