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The Bronx Academy of Health Careers

Mission & Vision

The mission of The Bronx Academy of Health Careers is to educate students to become competent, self-confident, literate, responsible, and compassionate citizens who are ready for college and careers.

We provide our students with a safe and supportive environment in which they can grow and realize their potential for success.  Through the use of sound educational practices supported by mentoring, peer review, and exposure to various careers, we will enable students to graduate high school in a timely manner prepared for life beyond high school.  We will provide students with the skills necessary to enter and succeed in college or other postsecondary institutions and grow to become stewards of good healthcare.

Staff, community, and parents will collaborate to ensure that our students receive the necessary support and resources they need to succeed. 

School Goals & Instructional Focus

In broad scope, in collaboration with the entire school community, our school goals are:

  • To align curriculum to Common Core Learning Standards to make students college and career ready.

  • To improve teacher effectiveness by aligning practices to the Danielson Framework.

  • To increase student performance and credit accumulation for all students, especially those in the lowest third.

To support our goals, a school instructional focus, aligned to Citywide Instructional Expectations has been established.  The instructional focus includes:

  • Evidence in Argument- Students will develop the skill of using evidence from a variety of text sources to support arguments in discussion, which will then transfer to stronger writing in literacy and math, and develop the communication and collaboration skills that support college and career readiness.

  • Student-to-Student Discussion- Students will engage in high-quality discussions, exemplified by responding to and extending one another’s thinking and crafting questions to help one another deepen and elaborate upon their thinking.  Strategies for establishing this student-to-student interaction includes effective higher-order questioning, engaging learning activities, accountable talk, Socratic Seminars, and debates.

  • Collaborative Learning- Through teachers’ strategic use of intentional groupings, students will develop the ability to learn and get along with others through small-group activities with their peers.

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