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Information You Need to Know

PupilPath: is an Internet website where you and your parents can access grades, track assignments, the school calendar, and an emailing system that connects parents and students to staff. 
-  Student Register ---https://pupilpath.skedula.com

Promotion and Graduation
-to move to the 10th grade you need 11 credits plus regents
-to move to the 11th grade you need 22 credits plus and at least 4 regents
-to move to the 12th grade you need 33 credits; all regents subjects should be passed at this stage
-Need 44 credits in various subjects and 5 regents subjects (See Regulations)  

-wearing headgear is prohibited

Dress Code
-students wear uniform

-is unacceptable
-is not tolerated at BAHC
-Check the school handbook for further information
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