Internet Resoures

Internet Resoures


Collections of Activities for K-5 classrooms

Listed below are several websites where collections of links to activities have been created. Some of these websites are even sorted into curriculum areas!

Ed Compass Website-This site is the official site of SmartBoard users who can download new templates and flipcharts. A great resource for new ideas!

Sorted SmartBoard Activities-This site has been organized by grade level and activity topic.

SmartBoard Favorites-An site with a variety of links for kindergarten, primary and ESL students.

Julie Thompson Homepage-This site was desinged specifically for the K-3 teachers who have Smart technology available to them.

Smart Board Templates-Downloadable template for Kindergarten through high school. Must have Smartboard software to utiilize downloads.

Smartboard Stuff-A great collection of interactive programs and websites for classroom use.

Interactive Whiteboard Tips and Ideas- Links to some free software and ideas.

Sheppard Software Web Games- provides links to geography, vocabulary and trivia games that work well on an interactive white board.

Kids Online Resources- provides links to sites that work well on an interactive white board.


Reading and Language Arts Activities

Below are specific activities to increase literacy that may be useful using a SmartBoard!

Early Literacy Games-This website is for early literacy practice. Best used in primary classrooms to promote literacy.

Starfall Early Literacy Activities-Another website devoted to early literacy interventions.

Alphabet Action_A very fun alphabet review website for primary students and classrooms.

Read Between the Lions Website-A great collection of games from a favorite PBS show!

Literacy Center-Another early literacy site for primary teachers.

Arthur Website"-Another collection of fun activities based on a popular PBS show and many, many books!

Interactive Stories-This site has several selected stories for read aloud. Very fun and interesting stories!

Clifford Stories-Interactive Clifford Stories. Need we say more!

Prefix Catch-An intereactive game to help teach prefixes to intermediate students.

Base Word Activities-Another intereactive game to help teach identifying base words.

Contractions-Contraction building practice for intermediate students.

End Punctuation Practice- Practice what end punctuation to use in different sentences through this interactive quiz.

Adjective and Adverb Game-Practice identifying and using these important parts of speech.

English Grammar Exercises- Practice with exercises following grammar rules.


Math Activities

Below are some Math activities that the SmartBoard would make really interesting!

Visualize Multiplication a multiplication applet that provides a visual representation of two numbers multiplied together.

Interactive Examples of NCTM Standards - provides a variety of interactive applets to teach math concepts.

Illuminations Interactive math manipulatives and lessons that are excellent for all grades!

National Laboratory of Virtual Manipulatives - an outstanding resource with math manipulatives arranged by grade level and category including geoboards, Tangrams, Pentominoes, graphs, scatterplot, medians, tiling the plane, and more)

Function Machine provides a multitude of one step and two step function machines.

Numeracy Games a site with numeracy activities for primary grade students.

Ambleside Primary School provides numeracy activities developed by teachers and students.

Measuring Angles- Provides an introduction about using a protractor and then a series of interactive activities for measuring angles and estimating the number of degress in an angle.

Pattern Blocks the National Virtual Laboratory of Virtual Manipulatives provides pattern blocks and activities for students.

Splat Squares - Reveals numbers from 1 to 100, can be used to teach patterns and skip counting.

Count Us In - Games to help students learn basic number concepts.

Pizza Party - How much pizza is left? Identifying fractions

Fresh Baked Fractions - identifying equivalent fractions

Fraction Track - Helps students understand the relative size of fractions by moving markers along a game board.

The Ruler Game
Help students learn measurement scales with this timed activity. Measurement units can include sixteenths, eighths, quarters, halfs and wholes.

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