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Our Mission

School Mission

The West Farms School
is a caring community where educational and personal growth are nurtured and fostered. Consistency and focus on high standards based learning is our corner stone. Our vision is to prepare our students to compete globally as productive citizens and demonstrate flexibility as the need arises. It is salient that our students be able to negotiate and deal with ever changing situations in a rational rather than emotional manner.

Targeting Instruction

Aiming toward a Higher Standard

The mission of the school is to develop self-motivated

students, who are able to move from the zone of comfort to the

zone of challenge in order to seek new solutions and

achieve higher standards

We believe in the “Principles of Learning”

Socializing Intelligence

Organize for Effort

Clear Expectations

Recognition of Accomplishment

Fair and Credible Evaluations

Academic Rigor in a Thinking Curriculum

Accountable Talk

Learning as Apprenticeship

September 2007


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