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Our goal is to provide our diversified population with positive learning experiences. These experiences will insure that all students will make adequate progress in mathematics and literacy. This will be achieved through our standardized/staff developed thematic curriculum along with a district developed scope and sequence. Our students will receive a sequentially planned progression of skills and specific knowledge in the content areas at their instructional level without sacrificing the wealth of information that all students should know. Particular attention will be given to preparing students to meet academic standards for continuous progress throughout the grades.

C.S . 47 takes great pride in our standardized school curriculum that guarantees academic success for all students. Two teachers are assigned to all classes during the literacy period.

Our extended day activities include remediation and enrichment for all students in grades 3 and 4. The Primary Academy serves K-2 and parents. We are also providing Extended Day Programs for Grades 1-4. Our Saturday Literacy Program is open to parents and students.

We have a partnership with the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Learning through the Expanded Arts Program, the Leadership Program, The Public Library Program, and the New York City Volunteer Program.
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