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CS 61's mission, in partnership with parents and community, is to promote learning for all students in an active, respectful and skill-building environment. We believe that every child is important and valued. Our students will become self-confident, self-motivated and self-reliant learners. Our dedication to excellence and idea sharing among staff builds cohesiveness, enriches teaching and develops mutual respect.

Schoolwide Extended Day, peer tutoring & science enrichment progs. Our summer program is the District 12 academic program, Project Smart (computer technology), NY Philharmonic, St. Luke's Orchestra, LEAP, and N.Y.C. Mathematics Project, Vision, Lego (Students were admitted to special high schools).

Wagon Wheel Summer Camp, multicultural dance, baseball and basketball teams, after-school art and drama, annual ski trips for grades 4 - 8, grade 8 trip to Virginia, theater and Philharmonic evening trips, Ronald McDonald incentive programs, student council community service, spring dance, Children's Aid Afterschool program, Secret Santa.

We had 10 partnerships, including: Children's Aid Society, LEAP, NY Philharmonic, New York Cares, St. Luke's Orchestra, Bank Street College, Fordham University, Nickelodeon, Ballet Tech., LINC, Tremont Day Care Center.
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