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Our Mission

In meeting the needs of our community, the goal of Intermediate School 129 is to provide a quality educational experience for all children and to develop fruitful partnerships with parents. Working together, we - educators, parents and community members - will provide our children with the proper tools to become life long learners and productive citizens of society.

. Safety- to educate all students in an environment that is free of drugs and violence, promoting positive interaction among peers and the healthy development of self- esteem, is the first obligation of I.S. 129X.

. Instruction- educating all students through a comprehensive education curriculum that is aligned with New York State and New York City standards, using a variety of learning styles and methods, integrating collaborative learning across all disciplines, with an emphasis placed on Mathematics and Literacy, is the second obligation of I. S. 129X.

. Service- The third obligation of I.S. 129X is to instill in all students the commitment to representatives of their community, and to honor that pledge by working as volunteers to contribute to the on-going success of those local cultural and social institutions.

. Technology-The fourth obligation of IS 129X is to incorporate various technologies; such as computers, audio, video, internet and software application systems, as an essential component of the learning process, therefore helping all students develop practical skills that can enhance their calculating, writing and reading abilities.

. Community Relations- I.S. 129X aims to foster collaborative partnerships between I.S. 129X and the families which it serves forming a strong triad- school+ family+ community =a successful student & school.

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