Family Involvement

Family involvement is a high priority at P.S. 197. There is a dedicated parent room to embrace our families. The door to the family room is always open. You can usually find many families utilizing the room. The families attend daily workshops and activities provided throughout the year.

Some of the workshops provided are; informational workshop to discuss topics to help support the education of their children, English class to help support the families that would like the opportunity to learn the English language, arts and crafts clubs, and a weekly yarn, crochet, and sewing club.

P.S. 197 has a partnership with Cool Culture, which provides parents with passes to go to various cultural establishments throughout the five boroughs. With these passes, the staff has set up trips that take parents to museums, the theater and other places to introduce them to the richness of our city. 

The team that works with the families supports and assists the families in any way the families may need. Such as, providing a place to come and talk and learn from one another, explain and aide in filling out forms and paperwork, support them in getting jobs, help them with writing a resume, workshops on appropriate work attire and much more.  The family room is a warm, inviting environment that builds relationships between the families and community.