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Our Mission

    At Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School, we see students as future change agents who will inherit our world. As such, they must be able to make sound decisions that will sustain and nurture the earth, their community and their families. We want our students to act as responsible citizens throughout the 21st Century. Our mission is to prepare students for a meaningful life where each can work effectively, think critically and act compassionately to build a better world. Our mission requires the support and effort of our students, teachers and the larger community.

To create such future citizens, our mission for our students is:

· To encourage, through critical thinking, the ability to problem-solve, question, create and collaborate within the larger world,

· To foster independent learners motivated to achieve academic excellence through effort and reflection,

· To cooperate, communicate, and resolve their conflicts in order to create effective and meaningful relationships with peers and adults.

This mission requires a school environment where:

· Our staff uses project-based learning to promote critical thinking so that students can construct knowledge and meaning,

· Our staff continually observes and assesses the growth of each student in multiple styles and contexts,

· Our staff shares and critiques their work in order to continually learn new practices that support student learning.

This mission highlights the alliance between school and community:

· Where collaboration and communication between families and school are built into routines to support student growth,

· Where community-based organizations help in creating and sustaining effective links between school, community, and the larger world,

· Where community and the school are partners in the celebration and assessment of student growth.

                            I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

                                                                                                               Chinese Proverb

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