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The fundamental aim of Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is to teach students to use their minds well and prepare them to lead productive, socially useful, and personally satisfying lives. The school's academic program stresses intellectual development and political/social involvement in our society. Five "habits of mind" are stressed: (1) helping students learn to critically examine evidence (2) to be able to see the world through multiple viewpoints - to step into other shoes (3) to make connections and see patterns (4) to imagine alternatives (What if? What else?); and finally, (5) to ask, "What difference does it make? Who cares?" These five are at the heart of all our work, along with sound work habits and care and concern for others: habits of work and heart. The curriculum affirms the central importance of students learning how to learn, how to reason, and how to investigate complex issues that require collaboration, personal responsibility and a tolerance for uncertainty.
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