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Our Mission

Wings Academy is a small, personalized learning-centered high school focused on preparing students for the 21st century. As a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools, we are committed to a philosophy of small classes, individualized leaning programs, student-centered classes, teachers-as-coaches, and performance-based assessment. Our curriculum will enable our students to become reflective and productive thinkers, and to develop the habits of inquiry, expression and problem solving. Students are taught to question what, how, and why. The name "Wings Academy" symbolizes the belief that education is the wind beneath the wings of success and the greatest tool of empowerment for young men and women in NY. We believe that education should lift young people into imagining new possibilities for the future. Each letter represents a standard each student strives to achieve. (W-Willingness to work hard; I-Initiative; N-New ways of learning; G-Growth; S-Service).
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