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Our Mission

To engage in a rigorous arts curriculum that prepares students academically  and socially for success in college, the world of work and develops their civic engagement at both the school and community level.

Special Programs

JHS 265 is a full visual and performance arts audition based program. The academic program is designed to provide students with accelerated and enriched instruction in the core subjects. Students receive pre-regents, regents and enrichment classes in math, ELA, and Science.

Extracurricular Activities

McKinney Academic Enrichment Center (MAEC), an extended day program in reading, math, the arts, H.S. Prep., intramural competitive sports, Chess in the Schools, entrepreneurial leadership.

Our Community

Beacon School, Fort Greene Recreational, New York Technical College, Colony Houses, New York University, United Way, VHI, Bedford-Stuyvesant Rotary, American Place Theatre, Brooklyn Center for Urban Environment, Far Bound.
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