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August 7, 2008

Dear Johann Dekalb School Family,

There is nothing in a caterpillar that lets you know it is going to be a butterfly.

This quote by Buckminster Fuller speaks to the unlimited potential that exists in all of our students. Our students are the future doctors, lawyers, teachers, governors, principals, engineers, building contractors, Supreme Court Justices, clergy, and financial planners, who will undoubtedly help to carry out the essential services of our community and country.

It is important that each one of us strive to get to know our students’ strengths and weaknesses. We must achieve this feat academically, emotionally and socially in order to chart a course to help our students meet their educational goals.

We are truly appreciative for all of the extra efforts made to enhance communication and efficiency this year, as well as, encourage you to continue to share your suggestions for the upcoming year. Your recommendations and concerns are valued and are used to enhance the operation of our school. As we look forward to 2008, we remain committed to enhance communication through our biweekly faculty conferences, committee meetings and grade level conversations/sharing.

As a school community, we will continue to set clear expectations for all students as well as establish consequences for inappropriate behavior. We must remember that discipline must be taught and the best way to teach it is by serving as models of excellence in this area.

We remain committed as school leaders and take this responsibility very seriously. We know that without guided professional development, collegial and student academic improvement will not be achieved. We will continue to be advocates for building teacher-leaders and fostering student independence.

I am most grateful to those of you, who continue to work effectively, cooperatively and in a professional manner. This is the hope I take into September, knowing that we will be able to make the Johann Dekalb School the perfect little school, as well as on of the best schools in Region 8. In addition, we are especially grateful to those staff members who go beyond to nurture and promote student development.

Have a healthy and restful summer vacation. I look forward to working with you in September.


Mitra W. Lutchman, and Linda Green

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