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Classes of PS 287

Pre- K - Ms. King
                Paraprofessional - Ms. Espinal

Kindergarten - Mrs. Willis
                          Ms. Nelson and Ms. Falade
                                  (Collaborative Team Teachers - CTT)     

Kindergarten/1st Grade (Special Ed)
                Ms. Davis
1st Grade Ms. Das

1st/2nd Grade (Special Ed)
                Mrs. Quintyne-Best
                Paraprofessional - Ms. Perez

2nd Grade - Ms. Wright
2nd/3rd Grade (Special Ed)-
                 Mrs. Johnson-Toussaint
                 Paraprofessional - Ms. Perry
3rd Grade - Ms. Wedlock
                     Mr. West/Ms.Joslin
                        (Collaborative Team Teachers - CTT)                    

4th Grade - Mrs. Barnes
5th Grade - Ms. Alexander
                    Mr. Jackson/Ms. Bishop
                        (Collaborative Team Teachers - CTT)

Librarian - Mrs. Ambrosio
Computers - Mr. Gourdine
Speech - Ms. DeMarino
Guidance Counselor - Mr. Houser
AIS - Mr. Lohr
SETTS/IEP - Ms. Meyers
ESL Teacher - Ms. Wizner
SBST (School Base Support Team) - Ms. Fleming
                                                           Ms. Zemlinskaya
                                                           Ms. Bilal
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