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A Community School

Creating strong home-school-community partnerships is a concept that we take very seriously at PS 110.  Our school staff is a professional community of lifelong learners who plan together on grade level, share best practices and coordinate school-wide events together.  Students of PS 110 are exposed to civic education through classroom discussions as well as projects and activities such as our partnership with a local soup kitchen where our fifth graders work an hour a week.  Parents at PS 110 are a vital component to our strong community, whether they volunteer in the classrooms, join the PTA, maintain contact with their child’s teacher, donate their time and talents from home or participate in family trips and activities throughout the year.  Finally, PS 110 nurtures many relationships with community partners that share our goal of helping our children to grow into educated, responsible and caring adults.

Our school serves the need of every child by responding to each child’s needs through appropriate assessment and collaborative planning—this includes mental health services, individualized plans for English language learners and students with special needs.  Learning at PS 110 goes beyond the regular school calendar and schedule—we provide academic and enrichment programs after-school, Saturdays and during the summer months.

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