Students at
PS 110 experience all four art disciplines by the time they graduate from fifth grade: visual arts, music, theater and dance.  Our visual arts teacher works with every grade to create projects incorporating techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture.  Learning music through song and keyboard begins in the early childhood grades and bringing upper grade students to reading music and playing in community performances.  Resident artists provide opportunities for our students to explore their own creative talents and abilities through storytelling, examining different cultures through dance, musical theater and movement, ballroom dancing and productions of Shakespeare plays.

Kindergarten -
Young Audiences New York  / Bright Lights
Story Telling

First Grade -
Young Audiences New York  / Bright Lights
Social Studies and Dance

Second Grade -
Young Audiences New York  / Bright Lights
Visual Arts

Third Grade -
Young Audiences New York and Mark Morris
Musical Theatre & Movement

Fourth Grade -
American Ballroom Theater Company   
Ballroom Dancing

Fifth Grade -
Theatre for a New Audience
Shakespeare Residency - Antony & Cleopatra

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