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Environment Engineers at MS 126

Junior Environmental Engineers Bottle Recycling Trip

Students in two 6th grade Special Education classes helped recycle trays, bottles, and cans in the cafeteria; created slogans, plays, announcements, and recycling competitions to engage student body; raised money for a trip where they recycled old jeans to make bags; brought in old garments and changed them into new artistic pieces; displayed their creations at the Greenpoint Earth Day Festival. The students collected food scraps to feed their classroom worm bins, and using the worm castings in planters they made from old plastic bottles. The students were recognized for their good work and were named the Citywide, Borughwide, and Golden Apple.

Students Visit To NewTown Creek

Newtown Creek which is the dirtiest water in the nation became a concern since all of the students have been affected by its current condition. MS 126 is situated blocks away from the creek which has been polluting the air, ground, and water system of Greenpoint, for many years. The overall message the students try to spread in the community is that we all should recycle, reduce pollution and energy usage because we care for the earth and each other. Through the use of technology, iNACOL and collaboration with Brooklyn Connection, the students did extensive research on Newtown Creek and Greenpoint. The students researched the creek and Greenpoint during the 1800’s to present day. They wrote about the effects of Newtown Creek’s pollution on marine life, community members, and local businesses. They also created an architectural design of their vision for the vicinity of Newtown Creek. The students were provided with digital cameras to take pictures of Greenpoint landmarks. These photographs were used to create a picture book of Greenpoint landmarks because they wanted to focus on some of the beauty of the neighborhood despite the fact that it has been highly polluted.

Greenpoint - Where To Be

With Ms. D. Michel and Mrs. R. Guerrier's instruction and support, students in classes 612 and 613 completed the environmental project: Greenpoint - The Place to Be.


Recycling Project

The students showcased their creations at the Town Square’s Go Green Greenpoint! Earth Day Festival.

Students recycle papers 

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