Are you worried about your children being safe when they are online?  Do they know what's right from wrong when talking with other people on the Internet?  This page is dedicated to teaching both parents and students how to surf the Internet safely.  

For Parents 

Safety Tips 
  • Post a set of simple, clear house rules that your children should abide by when working on the computer.  You and your children can also sign an Internet Safety Pledge.  An example of a pledge for k-2 students and 3-6 students can be found here.
  • Look into filtering or monitoring programs that your Internet Service Provider might offer.
  • Websites for children are not permitted to ask for personal information without a parent's permission.  Talk to children about what personal information is and why they should never give it to people online.
  • If children use Instant Messaging or talk in chat rooms discuss how they should never meet anyone in person that they met online.
  • Talk to children about not responding to offensive or dangerous e-mails or Instant Messages. 
  • Keep the computer in a family room or another open area of your home.
  • Have children use child-friendly search engines when completing research or homework.  (For example, KidsClickAskKidsYahoo Kids,)
  • Know who your children are exchanging e-mails with.
  • Internet accounts should be in a parent's name with the parent having the primary screenname and controlling passwords.
  • Talk to children about what to do if they see something online that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable.  Remind children to tell a trusted adult if they see something that bothers them.

Here are some websites you can go to for more information 

  1. Get Net Wise
  2. Kids Health
  3. I Keep Safe
  4. PC Tattletale   

For Students

These websites teach children how to surf the net safely.  There are Internet Safety quizzes, games, activities, contracts and more.  Your children will have fun while learning how to use the Internet appropriately.

NetSmartz is the one of the most popular sites.  Unique characters take students on a journey through Internet safety, with videos, music, games, activities and much more. 

I Keep Safe is for young children.  It starts them off on the right path to using the Internet. 

Mcgruff is the popular safety dog who has now taken on being safe on the Internet.

Cybersmart is a curriculum with lessons and activities your child can learn from.

Privacy Playground shows interactive stories of the Three Cyberpigs. 

Bad Guy Patrol is a cute interactive game children can play.

PBSKIDS allows students to answer different questions along a path and earn their web license.
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