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PS 24 Newsletter


How to Help Your Child with Reading

Below are some strategies that are simple to apply and that will help you enhance your child’s reading.   

  • Become familiar with the child’s reading level and the type of books/subject that interests them.  This will help you find books that are enjoyable for the child, not something that is uninteresting to them
  • Be patient.  Understand that every child reads at a different pace and some might need a little extra encouragement and support from you. If you are not proficient in English read to them in your first language regardless of what language the child reads in this will eventually enhance their reading ability in English.
  • Be involved and show interest in their learning. You can do this by reading a chapter of the book out loud with them and stop to predict/ discuss what you think will happen next in the story.
  • Have conversations with them about how the book they are reading is going. Hear them out and ask questions about how they feel about what’s happening in the story? How are they feelings about any character in particular? Why do they feel that way.?
  • Create a comfortable space that will encourage them to read and write. For example a corner in their room or somewhere in the house where you can put a “special rug” or a “special blanket”. Another option is having a small table where they can keep their notebooks, have their pens, pencils and paper.
  • Avoid reading only before bed. This will help the child remove from their head the idea that reading is something that is supposed to make you sleepy.

What are Charter Schools?

There is a lot of talk about how charter schools are the solution to public schools that do not produce high scores in the NYState  standardized tests. The federal government as well as the State Commissioner of Education propose and support  the private initiatives of charter schools to “reform” our failing public education. A good public education is a basic necessity and a basic right for all. The public school system has a policy of inclusion--- it guarantees free education for anyone of adequate age, no matter if they don’t speak English, have learning disabilities or behavior issues. According to the law, public schools are obligated to provide educational opportunities for all.  Public schools are open to all members of the community. It is best for parents in our community to be informed of what is happening with the charter and public school changes to protect the present and future promise of  a quality free education for our children.

  • Charter schools are "education corporations" according to the NY State Charter Act of 1998. The law exempts charters from state and local laws, rules, regulations, and policies typically applied to public and private schools.
  • Charter schools serve less that 3% of the students in New York and they accept students through a lottery. Many charter schools “counsel out” students who are English Language Learners, have learning difficulties or conduct problems.
  • There is no substantial research over time that has proven that charter schools are better than public schools.
  • When students from public school go to  charter schools, the public schools lose funds which are then transferred to the charter school.
  • Charter schools many times take over the space in a public schools. Sometimes  a charter school takes over a closed Catholic school in the neighborhood and uses private money to campaign to take students out of the public school and into the charter.  This again, depletes the funds for public schools.


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