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Our Community

Our school is housed in a community that has been changing for over fifteen years.  The local businesses have changed from a once predominately African American, Latino Community to an increasing diverse community. Our student population reflects the community with 44% African American children, 40% Latino, 12% White, and a increasingly number of Middle Eastern students over the past few years.

We are in close proximity to a vast array of merchants and community organizations, as well as three housing developments:  The Turnkey Houses, Wyckoff Projects and Gowanus Projects.  To help bridge the gap between parents, teachers and the exterior school community we have the expertise of a parent coordinator.

Our curriculum offers Every Day Math, Foss Science and a collaboration with Teacher's College for reading and writing. We also offer an array of Technology, which includes an Automated Library System, computers in every classroom, computer lab, Distance Learning, mobile computer carts with laptop and hand held computers, Smartboard technology and Interwrite pads.  

In the last two years we have implement the Renzulli School wide Enrichment Model which has increased our clubs and enrichment opportunities for our students, which includes: 

Some of our Community Based Enrichment programs include:

Ballroom Dancing

Boy Scouts

Mighty Millers

Musical Explorers

Mark Morris

Music Outreach


Student Council

Junior Achievement

The Daffodil Project

YMCA Swimming

Urban Dove

The League

Music On The Brain


 Some of our Enrichment programs provided by the teachers may include:                                          

Some of our Enrichment programs provided by the teachers mayinclude:                                            



Distance Learning


Boys/Girls Talk



Student Council

Think Quest


Digital Camera



GarageBand 101

Be A star

 We have an increased collaboration with Community Based Organizations recently with the addition of programs such as Urban Dove, Music on the Brain, and Pocono's Environmental Educational Center.  These organizations offer an array of learning opportunities during the regular school day, after school programs, as well as summer camp and a week long trip to the Berkshire for our students from Pre-K to fifth grade.

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