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The Pacific School is an elementary school with 478 students from pre-kindergarten through grade 5. The school population comprises 41.2% Black, 37.4% Hispanic, 13.6% White, 3.1% American Indian and 3.1% Asian students. The student body includes 8.7% English language learners and 13.1% special education students. Boys account for 51.7% of the students enrolled and girls account for 48.3%. The average attendance rate for the school year 2006-2007 was 91%. The school is in receipt of Title 1 funding withe 72% funding.
The Pacific School understands the importance of creating an environment where children are valued, respected, and understood. With a population that is increasing in its diversity, we are committed to meeting the needs of the whole child. Our strong awareness of the cultural, academic and emotional difference of our families is embedded in the strength in our committed staff. Together we will work to create an environment where all children are an active viable, and an integral part of nurturing learning community. With a common belief in academic rigor we are challenged to help our students grow into vibrant, independent, self-assured children, with a solid respect for themselves and the world around them.

Special Programs

Applied Learning Projects; Arts Connection; Student Run School Newspaper; ; Gifted Program; Full Day PreK; ELL Program; Special Education Program; State of the Art Media Center; STAR Program; Extended Day Programs; Student Council.

Gifted &  Talented

Our Gifted and Talented Program provides challenging, exciting and standards-based instructional practices. Our program engages students who exhibit strong social and leadership qualities, a sound understanding of academics and creative talent via the arts. This program begins in kindergarten and continues through grade 5 as long as the child performs on a satisfactory level. Our students study via our regular school wide curriculum on an accelerated level that is specific to their learning needs. All children in this program receive enrichment activities that are self -selected throughout the course of the school year. This is a district -based program.
  • Our school community is housed in a community that has been changing for over fifteen years to becoming a increasing diverse school community.

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