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Policies & Regulations

Keeping our children safe

We understand that children will have many scuffs and childlike disagreements. For the most part, we try to handle minor issues in the school. If however, you feel that another child has treated your child unfairly, it is strictly forbidden and unacceptable for any adult to talk to our children at any time. This means that you may not ask children questions pertaining to an incident, nor may you approach our students near or around school grounds. Behavior such as this also frightens our children, and this is unacceptable. We suggest that you see anyone who works in our school community if you have any questions about “kid stuff”. We are asking that you respect our students, their space and their families.

Class Visits

There are no classroom visits during instructional time. Parents are not permitted to visit classrooms unless accompanied by a school staff member. Teachers are also unable to accept phone calls during instructional hours. If you have an emergency message for your child or would like to speak to the teacher one ofour wonderful secretaries will be happy to assist you. If you wish to discuss an issue please contact the parent coordinator.

Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher conferences are held in November and March to give parents the opportunity to discuss their child’s report card.Afternoon and evening appointments are available to accommodate parents’schedules.

Report Cards/Progress

Report cards are given to students in grades 1-5 three times a year: November, March,and June. Kindergarten students receive a report card in January and again in June. Pre-K students do not receive report cards but parents will learn their progress during Parent-Teacher conferences.

Blue Cards

Blue Cards list emergency information and are required for all students attending the Pacific School (P.S.38). All cards are to be filled out completely and accurately. It is vital to list all the telephone numbers where you and your child’s designated caregivers can be reached during the school day. Please return the blue card to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. If any information changes during the school year please provide the updates to the pupil accounting secretary in the main office.

Lost and Found

Our children are so busy during the day!Sometimes they forget their hats, scarves and even shoes. We understand how important these items are to our families so we have placed a lost and found box in the lobby near the security desk. Parents and caregivers are free to come in and check for missing clothing.

Cell Phone and Electronics

We understand that some parents need to send students to school with cell phones in order to contact them in the afternoon.If students must carry a cell phone with them to school, it must remain turned off and away during the school day. If you need to contact your child in the event of an emergency please call the main office (718 330-9305) and your child will be notified immediately. Other electronics and games should be left at home during the school day. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen electronics.

Dress Code

Our children are spiffy dressers and we love looking at them everyday. However, the following items are a standard at our school:
  1. Bandanas or hats of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  2. Pants must be worn with a belt and at the waistline at all times.
  3. White shirts and those with inappropriate logos should not be worn to school.
  4. Sneakers must have 1 color lace only and must be strungand tied completely.
  5. See-through clothing is unacceptable and not allowed at all.
  6. Shorts are allowed but must not be higher than mid-thigh.
You will notice that most of our teachers wear a shirt and tie daily. Please feel free to dress your child in a shirt and tie if you like. It is also nice to see girls in dresses or skirts as often as possible. Children who are dressed inappropriately will be sent to the main office to await change of clothes from their parents.

Calling the School

If you need to reach your child in an emergency call the Parent Coordinator at:
 718-330-9305 ex: 154.
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