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School Wide Events

Principal Breakfast

This is an event that takes place on the first Monday of each month. This is a great time for parents with direct questions for the principal and the school administration.

Curriculum Night

This night is designed to give our parents a broad range of information pertainingto our entire curriculum. Parents meet with teachers and other staff members to discuss expectations for student learning during the course of the school year.  This is a wonderful time for our parents to come in and network with one another, share ideas and develop relationships with our fabulous learning community.

Parent Teacher Conferences

These conferences are held once in the fall and again in the spring. During these meetings, parents, teachers, and caregivers meet to discuss the student’s progress. At this time, parents will also receive report cards and narrative assessments from the classroom teacher. The purpose of the narratives is to inform parents of how well their child is performing academically and to give them strategies to work on at home. Narratives also inform parents early on if their child is at risk for grade retention for the subsequent school year. If this is indicated, the teacher will inform parents of all intervention in the school and in the neighborhood that will support the academic success of their child. Parents are free to request intervention for their child at any time during the school year.

Open House Tours

In collaboration with the Parent Coordinator, our school conducts open house tours on an individual and group basis. Following an appointment with the Parent Coordinator, school visits are welcomed and encouraged.

Fall Harvest

Harvest is a time for our school to meet as a community for breakfast. All families bring a dish and celebrate the beginning of our new school year.

International Feast

This is a time to celebrate our diverse community. All school constituents get together to share food, songs and art. Parents and other school community members are encouraged to perform songs and play music that highlight the true spirit of art, culture and family.

Father Daughter Dance

Time to shake it up on the dance floor with dads and their daughters. Our Parent Coordinator hosts this event.

Parent Teacher Social

This event takes place one during the school year. It is a time for parents and teachers to get to know one another. Dinner and music highlights this event along with lots of conversation about everything

Annual Art Show

A great time to showcase the incredible artwork that our children produce. Our art teacher organizes and selects all of the art that will be on display during this event. Parents and all community members are welcomed to attend

Enrichment Fair

Our enrichment fair is hosted by our enrichment coordinator to highlight the work that our children are doing in the area of social studies. This event includes projects that are selected, designed and organized by the class. The parents from each class often cook food that originated from the country that the children studied.
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