Penny Harvest

  Dear Parents and Family Members:                                         


Did you know there are over $2 billion ofunused pennies in homes across America?Many people wonder what to do with thosejars full of pennies gathering dust. The answer? Give them to young people during thePenny Harvest! Every November for the last 15 years,students and their families have worked together to collect pennies door to door in theirneighborhoods.This collection is just the beginning.When a school fills 25 canvas sacks of pennies, they are awarded a Philanthropy Roundtable.A roundtable is where student leadersmeet weekly for several months to research community needs and decide how toallocate Penny Harvest funds-usually $1,000-to community service projects and charitableorganizations.

 Not a single pennycollected by students is used for overhead, operations or any other purpose. All collectedpennies are given back to the students to use to meet community needs as they see fit.

 Your child has a great opportunity tomake a difference. So do you.With the Penny Harvest, every pennycounts and every person counts. Please work together with your child to collect pennies-yoursupport will make the Penny Harvest a success. The process is easy. The results aremeaningful. And the need is there. Together, we can make a difference. On behalf of the students,people, families and organizations that have been touched by the Penny Harvest, we thankyou.


For more information, contact: www.PennyHarvest.orgor Penny Harvest Coach: Jennine Chung or Penny Harvest Leader: Claudett Brown@(718)330-9305 ext 144 and/or stop by Room 144A.


Please support and join your children inthis fantastic community building activity!!


Please Note Class with most pennies willreceive a pizza party.


***Deadline is November 22, 2010***




_Jennine Chung___                                                              __Claudett Brown__

Penny Harvest Coach                                                           Penny Harvest Leader