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Three Schools on the Road to Excellence: Our House System

The School for Media Arts, Research & Technology

SMART=Studious, Mannered, Accepting, Resilient, Talented

The School for Media Arts and Technology is established to provide students with the opportunity to connect academic learning through different modalities using the latest technologies. Students will produce specific projects using a variety of technological tools including digital cameras, LCD display units, laptop computers, scanners, and complementary software applications. The unique aspects of media and technology will allow students to view their curriculum through many lenses. Students will capture the difficult areas of the curriculum by engaging in enrichment programs and employing community resources.

The School for Medical and Health Careers

The School for Medical and Health Careers is dedicated to providing students with a variety of off-site learning opportunities that will help students connect with their academic and real-life learning experiences. Our academic and elective classes enrich our theme of healthy living, disease prevention, and investigating careers that support healthy lifestyles. Students enjoy inquiry-based learning in all subject areas, which promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific process skills. It is the goal of the entire learning community to motivate students to direct their academic futures, develop career interests, increase academic achievement, and become successful members of society.

The School for Integrated Studies Through the Arts

The School for Integrated Studies through the Arts (SISTA) offers students the opportunity to learn through an integrated curriculum that includes mathematics, literacy, social studies, and science with a strong emphasis on the performance, dramatic, and visual arts. The first goal of SISTA is for students to acquire critical thinking and process skills. These skills incorporate logic, reasoning, and problem solving, comprehension, inferring, authentic research, inquiry-based learning, experimentation, and cooperative group work. SISTA House students focus on making inferences on the integration of reading and writing strategies into all subject areas. The arts will be a motivating force that creates opportunities for active and meaningful learning as students acquire those basic skills.
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