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Parent Support

Parent Coordinator
Susan Stein
PTA President: Clarence Neely
Visit the parent portal to access information about instructional programs, enrollment procedures, DOE rules and regulations, health and support services, as well as news and other resources.

Parents as Leaders

    We recognize that families and other community members are a vital part of all students’ academic and social success, and consider family involvement an essential ingredient for a successful educational program. Some of our parents have been successfully trained as Learning Leaders. 


                          The New York City Department of Education
    237 Seventh Avenue
                                          Brooklyn, New York 11215
    Abbie Reif, Principal 
    Kim Haynes, A.P.     Eileen DeMeglio, A.P

    Dear Parents/Guardians:
    My name is Susan Stein. I am your Parent Coordinator for the Secondary School for Journalism.

    My job is to meaningfully involve parents and guardians in their children’s education. Schools improve and student achievement rises when parents are actively involved. It is extremely critical for you to feel welcome and respected at our school.

    My goal is to respond to your concerns and to help you to develop the tools you need to be full partners in your children’s education.  The relationship between the Parent Coordinator, t
    he Principal, staff, Parent Association and community group will be instrumental in developing strong parent involvement in our school. We welcome every parent.

    I am here to help promote the success of the Secondary School for Journalism.  My door will always be open to you. I will be communicating with you, our parents, on school activities, testing, ARIS and parent workshops for all to participate in.
    I want all parents to know that my office is open to you at all times. 

    In addition, I am here to support your needs and help guide you in understanding your child’s academic success.

    Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


    Susan Stein-Parent Coordinator 718-832-4212






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