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Our History

The Cobble Hill School of American Studies grew out of the belief that today's students will be better prepared for the challenges of tomorrow when they have developed insight into the history of the United States. We believe that we cannot appreciate the blessings we enjoy as Americans nor can we face the challenges of the next century unless we gain a deep and abiding understanding of our past.

The School is the second American History high school in New York. The Queens Academy of American Studies in Long Island City, the first, is already among the city's most successful public high schools. The Cobble Hill School expands the program to the BASIS Superintendence and maintains the same vision and mission as its older sister school.

The instructional plan emphasizes high student expectations for both high school and post-secondary educational achievement. The thematic approach to instruction conducted in a small school setting has proved successful in increasing learning and achieving high levels of accomplishment in Regents-level and Advanced Placement classes.

Developing an increased knowledge of the past through research as well trips to sites of current and historic interest (Philadelphia, Boston, Gettysburg, Washington, D.C.) should lead to a better understanding of the concept of citizenship and expanded college and career opportunities.

The curriculum focuses on American History through interactive methods, up-to-date computer technologies, internships, trips and individual research projects utilizing material from major libraries. The Cobble Hill School has the commitment of college faculty, foundations and important New York institutions such as the Brooklyn Historical Society.

The skills students cultivate at Cobble Hill - research, computers, critical thinking and oral argument, among others - will enable them to meet the demands of a modern, democratic and pluralistic society. A life-long love of learning, a first-hand knowledge of American History and the self-confidence these engender are our most important goals.

In Memoriam,

Dr. Richard Weisberg was the founding principal of The Cobble Hill School of American Studies.  From the first day Cobble Hill opened its doors to the first Commencemnet day in 2002 and beyond, Dr. Weisberg was single minded in his unwavering support for all students and teachers and everyone he worked with.  He was much beloved as a passionate and dedicated teacher, scholar, and friend.  Dr. Weisberg devoted more than four decades to public education in NYC before he passed away from  a brief illness in 2011.  For sure he is joyful and proud that Cobble Hill, more than ever, evokes the descriptions inspirational, exceptional, consummate, excellent, and thriving. 

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