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The Cobble Hill School of American Studies is a 9-12 college preparatory school with a mission to prepare students to be kind, caring, involved members of the community and to be prepared to engage successfully in their post-secondary studies. We committed to helping you make good choices as you grow into young adulthood, and to preparing you with the writing, reading, critical thinking, and communicative skills necessary for success in college and beyond. 

Being a Cobble Hill Student means that you use available resources to make good decisions, that you have the knowledge and confidence to achieve academically, and that you try your very best as you learn the skills to become a lifelong learner, and a contributing member of the community

As a member of the Cobble Hill Family it is expected that you:

  • Show kindness towards the entire school community
  • Put forth your best effort every single day by attending regularly, completing all assignments, and asking for help when necessary
  • Become a contributing member of the school community by adhering to school policies, helping your peers, volunteering and engaging in enrichment activities
  • Participate in after school clubs, sports, and other activities
  • Complete all courses of study within 4 years, including a 4 year sequence in math and science, including chemistry and trigonometry
  • Challenge yourself to try unfamiliar tasks and activities


We are proud of our current Cobble Hill students.  

The following are just a few of our students’ accomplishments:
  • Our Opening Act Theatre group presented off – Broadway, “Love is a Battlefield,” a play exploring the themes of love and war through improvisation
  • Our seniors performed excerpts from Othello in the annual CUNY Shakespeare Festival
  • Our poetry class published a book of poems exploring the themes of identity, protest and war
  • Our students interned and put together an exhibition at the Brooklyn Historical Society
  • Our freshmen created an outdoor garden as community service contribution to our school (you can see it in the courtyard)
  • The majority of our seniors were accepted to one college or more, including St. Francis College, John Jay, Baruch, Temple, Kingsborough to name but a few.
  • Our students in the Leadership Program organized and performed at our Holiday Extravaganza and our Annual Talent Show
  • Our chemistry and physics students engaged in team building at Camp Becket in the Berkshires
  • Our Senior Committee collected food and toys for needy families in the fall and volunteered at a Bushwick food pantry.
 We welcome you to our family and we know that we will be sharing your very own accomplishments in the near future!


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