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Rules and Regulations

Students are issued picture ID Cards. These cards are the official form of identification at school and must be in your possession at all times. You will not be able to use the school library or go on school trips without them. They must be presented when you enter the building and to staff members upon request. Lost or misplaced ID cards must be replaced immediately. There is a $2.00 fee for duplicate cards.

As a safety precaution, fire drills are held periodically throughout the year (at least one per month). Instructions for exiting classrooms, corridors and the building are posted in each classroom. Students will be led to the nearest exit by their teachers, but it is every student's responsibility to be familiar with the safest exit route. During a fire drill, students must observe silence and remain alert for special instructions. REMEMBER - emergencies can happen anytime and are unannounced. Therefore, no distinction is made between drills and actual emergency situations.

Fire alarm boxes are designed for easy access for the safety and well being of all building occupants. False alarms endanger the lives of students and staff. Any student who pulls a fire alarm falsely is in violation of state and city law, and will be suspended from school and subject to arrest and prosecution.

Program cards are issued at the beginning of each semester. Students must carry their program cards at all times and must present them when requested by any member of the school staff. Students are not permitted on school trips without their program cards.

Programs reflect the New York State graduation requirements and the student's own progress towards graduation. Students and parents are encouraged to discuss their program choices with the programming staff. Pupils do not select their teachers only their courses. Once the schedule is arranged, a pupil may secure permission to change only by filing a Program Change Request Form with their guidance counselor.

Every student will receive a copy of the Citywide Standards of Conduct and Uniform Disciplinary Measures (the Chancellor's Discipline Code) at the be9inning of the school year. The teacher, the student and the principal can handle most school problems. Occasionally, parents will be involved. As part of the school program, students will learn how to handle conflict without violence.

At Cobble Hill, as at every New York City High School, students are not permitted to carry pagers, cell phones and CD or ipods or other electronic devices. Gang colors, beads or other paraphernalia are not permitted in the building.

Although Cobble Hill does not (at this time) have a formal dress code, students and staff have agreed that students must be dressed in attire that is appropriate for school. Hats may not be worn in the building; girls may not wear skirts or dresses that are very short.  If the staff determines that a student's attire is not appropriate, the student will not be permitted to attend classes until appropriate dress is available. A parent will be called and asked to bring a change of clothes for the student.

Regular attendance is necessary for academic success. The only legal reasons for absences are: personal or family illness, death in the family, religious observance, required court appearances and school approved supervised trips. Students who are absent for any reason must bring an absence note upon returning to school. If the absence was caused by illness, the note should be written and signed by the attending physician.

Regular doctor and dentist's appointments can be scheduled after school.

Each of the student's teachers must sign the absence note and give the student the opportunity to make up all missed work.

One of the most frequent reasons for lack of success in courses is the student's own failure to get to the class on time. Punctuality is extremely important to every youngster's progress. Unexcused absences take away from valuable learning time and are serious offences. Repeated lateness to school or to a subject class will require a parent conference and may result in detention or other disciplinary action.

Students who become ill during the school day may not go home except with a parent or guardian. Every student must have an "EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD," with a parent's home and work telephone numbers on file in the office. The name, address and telephone number of a neighbor should also be included on the EMERGENCY CONTACT CARD. The school must be informed of the parent's wishes; for example, in serious cases, should we bring the student to the nearest hospital? [Parents must wait for the students and pick him/her up at the hospital.]

A student feeling ill during a class period should request a pass to the HEALTH OFFICE (Room 200) and report there as quickly as possible. All arrangements for dismissal will be made by the Health Aide.

When it is necessary for a student to take internal medication during school hours, the following procedures must be followed:
  • The parent must submit a written request to the school's Health Office;
  • Written orders from the physician indicating type of medication, dosage, and time of administration must accompany the medicine;
  • Only medication to be dispensed at a consistent time will be administered;
  • Medication must be in its original sealed container.
Regular attendance and participation in physical education classes is required of all students. A student may be excused from participating in activities which could endanger his/her health under written recommendation of his/her physician. If the restrictions of activities is to be for a prolonged period, the physician must specify the exact duration of the restriction, the medical reasons for the restrictions, and the types of activities that would be restricted or eliminated. Alternate work or assignment will be given to the student during that period.

Students are cautioned not to bring large amount of money, radios or cameras to school, and if they wear glasses or watches, to keep track of them at all times. Students, not the school, are responsible for their personal property.

Continuous and willful refusal to accomplish school tasks even though able to do so; insubordination; disorderly, vicious, illegal or immoral conduct, and persistent violation of school regulations are causes for suspension from school. Any violations of Chancellors Discipline Code can lead to a Principal's or Superintendent's suspension.

Because of security considerations, students are not allowed to bring visitors to school. Parents are always welcomed, but are encouraged to make an appointment to see a teacher, the principal, or visit their children's classes.

The school cafeteria is maintained as a vital part of the health program of the school. To encourage good nutrition, a well- balanced lunch is offered at a reasonable price.

The lunchroom management and your fellow students will appreciate your cooperation in:
  • Depositing all lunch litter in the wastebaskets.
  • Leaving the table and floor around your place in a clean condition for others.
No food may be taken from the cafeteria.

After each marking period an honor roll is composed and posted. In order to be placed on the honor roll a student must have an 85 average with no failures in either major or minor subjects.

Students are encouraged to use the library room 102 for research and quiet reading. There are special rules for borrowing books, reference materials, magazines and reserved books. Learning the use of the library and observing its rules helps develop good citizenship.


Rules of student behavior in school are for the benefit of all. Rules are developed to insure the greatest freedom to the greatest number of people. The following school rules were developed by students, faculty, and parents, in order that students may work successfully with each other and their teachers.
  1. All students are expected to show courteous behavior toward each other, faculty and staff, and visitors to Cobble Hill.
  2. Attendance and promptness to school and all classes are compulsory.
  3. Class cutting will not be tolerated.
  4. Hall traffic should move freely during passing time, and there should be no loitering in halls, bathrooms and offices.
  5. In order to promote safety, students should go only to those sections of the building where they have been scheduled.
  6. Radios, ipods, tape recorders, CD players, cameras and other electronic devices should not be brought to school.
  7. Students should not trespass at other schools.
  8. In order to avoid disorderly or dangerous situations, students should follow directions from teachers in class or other school personnel.
  9. Gang and gang-like activity will not be tolerated.
  10. No gang-related paraphernalia is permitted.
  11. Cursing, woofing, threatening people, fighting and attacking people are prohibited.
  12. Gambling, stealing, and destroying property are prohibited.
  13. Smoking in the building or on school grounds is prohibited.
  14. Wearing hats and doo rags are not allowed.
  15. Students are expected to dress appropriately for school in order that their clothes do not interfere with learning.
  16. Drug use is not allowed. There are harsh penalties for those who use and promote the sale of any controlled substance.
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