The mission of our school is to provide a high quality, comprehensive and meaningful education for all students, including English Language Learners and Special Education students.
    Our school will provide each student with the opportunity to achieve high academic excellence and meet the challenges of a diverse community through partnership with families, businesses and other institutions.
    We have another school website: www.catonschool.org

P.S.249 School Instructional Priorities/Goals 2012-2013

1. We will fully implement the Common Core Learning Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics so that 90% of our students reach levels 3 & 4. 

2. We will develop school-wide instructional consistency across all classrooms in all curriculum areas that aligns the daily agenda, learning goals, curriculum map, instruction and assessments.

3. We will integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking throughout all curriculum areas. 

4. We will administer weekly assessments (Common Formative Assessments) and provide timely and accurate feedback to students. 

5 We will review errors students made on assessments so that we can address their weaknesses through teacher-directed research-based targeted interventions and research-based instructional strategies (differentiated instruction, Marzano, 21st century strategies, UDL).

6. We will align classroom instruction and homework to identified weaknesses revealed in data so that we can provide our students with multiple opportunities to succeed. 

7. We will increase non-fiction (descriptive, persuasive, argument, expository, informational/explanatory) writing with collaborative scoring through teacher teams so that we can increase short and extended written responses through all curriculum areas. 

8. We will provide targeted professional development based on student data, observation (peer-observations and supervisory visits), survey choices and DOE mandates. 

9. We will implement a research-based Framework for Teaching (Danielson) in order to provide a common professional language about teaching for feedback and pedagogical growth. 

10. We will increase the use of technology through on-line educational resources, multimedia presentations and other digital resources.

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