Arts @ Jackie Robinson School (JRS)


The Arts program at JRS will continue to support students Life Long Learning and the development of all students creative talents and abilities as we strive to give all students tools to ensure their success in every endeavor.

The Music department will continue the Music and the Brain program begun last year for grades K-1. This year grade 2 will be included as they are last year’s grade 1 students.

Grades 3-5 will have the opportunity to concentrate on one specific music skill whether it would be general music and chorus or general music and guitars.

Two students will be attending Ballet Technique School for this year. The school will be given opportunity to visit various Dance other Arts programs and shows during the course of the school year.

Visual Art

This year we have been able to get the services of a great Art teacher Mr. Miguel Figueroa who has agreed to give up his teaching in the Pre-K department and share his excellent skill and knowledge of Art with the school. We welcome him to the Arts Department.