Business Programs
    Elizabeth Gallaro, Assistant Principal

    Our business programs provide school-to-work transition skills and academic subject enhancement. Students who are on track with the rigorous demands of the new Regents’ requirements are able to take a sequence of computer applica­tions courses or choose one of the following two majors:

    Cooperative Education Program
    Brenda Jones, Coordinator

    This is a one-year work-study experience for seniors that provide an opportunity for students to earn up to $6,000 during their senior year while still graduating with their class. Students work on an alternate week basis, one week in school followed by one week at work. Students are selected for the Coop Program based on good school records, attendance, punctuality, reliability, and dependability. Students must pass a job interview to get their job. Students are evaluated weekly on their job and are given formal evaluations twice a year. All students in Coop must maintain high standards in school and on the job to continue their status in the program. Students are compensated by their employer at prevailing wage rates.

    Health Information Management Program
    Patricia Owens, Facilitator

    This collaborative program of the Health Careers and Business disciplines enhances the skills of the Medial Assistant students by preparing them with administrative and computer skills used for employ­ment in medical offices. In addition to the coursework in their MA major, students take a one-year Computer Applications course in the 11th grade, and a double period Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Transcription course in the 12th grade. Graduates are eligible to take the National Health Association Certification Examination on Medical Coding and Billing.