ESL (English as a Second Language)

    Vera Leykina, Assistant Principal

    We offer a bilingual and a freestanding ESL program for students whose native language is other than English.

    We offer a Transitional Bilingual Program for Haitian Creole students if there are at least 20 students on the same grade level (in order to create one class).

    • Beginners receive three 45-minute ESL classes per day, one NLA class and one bilingual Social Studies, Mathematics and Science, and Physical Education class in the mainstream, for the entire week. In the bilingual classes they receive the instruction 40% in English and 60% in Haitian Creole.
    • Intermediate students receive two 45-minute ESL classes per day, one NLA class, one Bilingual Social Studies, Mathematics and Science, and one Physical Educaiton class in the mainstream, for the entire week. The intermediate students receive their bilingual instruction in both languages, 50/50.

    We offer Freestanding ESL for the rest of the Ells, mostly Spanish and Bengali students. The time allocated for ESL and ELA classes is the same as for the Haitian Creole students, but they are placed in monolingual classes since we do not have enough students to create a bilingual program for them.

    Students are grouped for ESL classes based on their proficiency level. Students are offered six terms (three years) of ESL instruction in order to boost their English language skills and to prepare them for the exams they have to take. Annually, students have to take the NYSESLAT (NY State ESL Achievement Test) that establishes the students’ placement on certain proficiency levels, and serves as exit criteria from ESL classes.

    Students learn English in their regular everyday classes and are offered lunchtime tutoring and after-school Academic Intervention Services. Students with interrupted formal education have reduced class size and many of them attend the Saturday Academy. This year we will be offering the Extended Title III Program on weekday afternoons and the Saturday Academy Program for SIFE students.

    Four terms of Haitian Creole language classes are provided to native speakers. These classes include instruction about the literature and history of Haiti.

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