• This link shows the calendar of lessons of the courses that are offered by the Mathematics Department. Each course is divided into six units which end with a uniform examination that is based on previous Regents Exam problems.


Mathematics Department
Hasan Shafiq, Assistant Principal & Data Specialist

The Mathematics Department offers students a challenging and rigorous environ­ment in which they develop critical thinking skills in order to achieve academic excellence. We introduced courses in the new Integrated Mathematics Sequence in September 2007. These courses are being phased in one year at a time. This year we are offering a course entitled Algebra 2 and Trigonometry with the first Regents Examination being given in June 2010.  This is the third year of Integrated Algebra and the second year of Geometry. In order to graduate, a student must pass the Integrated Algebra Regents.

The passing of six terms of Mathematics is required for graduation. Students may then go on to take elective courses in Pre-calculus and our college-level Advanced Placement Calculus course. In order to be eligible to take Calculus, a student must have excelled in his/her previous Mathematics courses, obtained high grades on all exams in the Integrated Sequence, and been recommended by his/her Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus teacher.

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