Science Department
    Harold Meiselman, Assistant Principal

    The Science Department offers a full range of New York State Regents science courses, including The Living Environment, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. All Regents science courses include an additional laboratory class, meeting once per week. Living Environment labs will meet during a student’s physical education class. Other labs will meet before or after school.

    Students in our Gateway Honors Program receive an additional course entitled, “Science Research Projects” while in the 9th grade. Active Physics, an engaging, hands-on, activities-based course is offered to students of all grades for non-Regents science credit after completion of Regents’ graduation requirements. Science & Sustainability, another non-Regents course, is taken by some students to improve science skills and prepare them for Regents courses.

    Forensic Science is offered as a freshman year non-Regents course to students who have completed science Regents’ requirements. Enrollment is by request and teacher recommendation..

    Juniors and seniors can take Anatomy and Medical Lab Techniques as advanced elective courses. Motivated and capable science students can take Advanced Placement Biology with the potential to earn college credit. Tutoring is generally available during lunch periods and after school.

    Medical Laboratory Techniques is an advanced course that applies knowledge of biology, chemistry, and mathematics. It offers an opportunity for students to develop college-level science skills. Students become proficient in the use and care of laboratory equipment and instruments and will be able to perform tasks required in a science laboratory. Opportunities are available for career exploration at community hospitals. Topics include:

    · Clinical chemistry with applications in urinalysis

    · Biotechnology (separation techniques, gel electrophoresis, DNA fingerprinting)

    · Electrocardiography (performance and interpretation of six-lead EKG)

    · Medical microbiology (differential staining, microscopic identification and antibiotic sensitivity tests)

    Active recruitment for this course begins in the 10th grade. Students who pass the Living Environment and Chemistry Regents Examinations and who wish to pursue studies in the health professions may choose Medical Science Lab Techniques as an elective. Evaluation includes references from previous teachers. Some of these students are then selected to participate in an internship at New York Methodist Hospital during the spring term. This after-school activity serves as an initial exposure wherein students are mentored by the heads of various departments throughout the hospital.

    The Tech Prep Program is an extension of the Medical Laboratory Techniques course for 12th graders aspiring to pursue studies in the health sciences. Students attend a daily three-hour internship at a community health facility. They translate classroom theory into practice; they experience and accept the responsibility of working in a medical facility; and they can further investigate career opportunities. Acceptance into this program is incumbent upon academic achievement and remaining on track with graduation requirements. Participants receive a stipend.

    The STEP/Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health is a highly competitive and academically demanding program located at S.U.N.Y. Downstate Medical Center. Our students enter under the auspices of the Office of Minority Affairs. The primary goal of this program is to recruit and prepare historically underrepresented high school students for careers in the health professions. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 85% or better, possess excellent communications skills, and demonstrate an aptitude for science and mathematics. Professionals employed by S.U.N.Y. present the academic component of this program. Non-academic activities include college tours, field trips, PSAT/SAT preparation, college preparation workshops, and cultural enrichment.

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