Library & Media Services

    Library Hours: Monday–Friday—8:30–6:00 (May change each term.)

    Access: Students must show their own program card or pass from the lunchroom or guidance counselor to gain admission to the Library during lunch periods, or before or after school only.


    1. To borrow books, students must present their I.D. card

    2. Book circulation—2 weeks

    3. Renewals—Allowed

    4. Overdue charge—5¢ per book per school day (no Saturdays or Sundays)

    5. Lost books—replacement cost must be paid

    6. Reference books—do not circulate

    7. Magazines—For use in Library only, not for circulation

    8. Audio Visuals—teacher use only

    9. Copy Machine—Library materials are free; everything else is 10¢ per page and single copies only

    Materials in the Collection—The collection attempts to reflect the content of the curriculum in all subject areas and to provide age-appropriate material geared to the needs and interests of Barton students. Advice on the selection of materials in each subject area is welcome.

    Print—books, periodicals, textbooks

    Non-print—videos (for teachers only), and CD ROMs


    1. 24 Computers that have Internet access

    2. Databases—partial listing (Some are available for home use for our students–see “Gale Group Electronic Resources” at end of this topic:

    a. NY Times

    b. ProQuest—for magazines and newspapers

    c. EBSCO

    d. SIRS Researcher & Reporter

    e. Facts on File, Issues & Controversies, Today’s Science On File

    f. World’s Best Poetry Online

    g. Gale Resource Center (more information on following page)

    h. Grolier Online (3 encyclopedias)

    Library Catalogue

    1. Automated

    2. Utilizes EOS International Software

    3. Linked to the circulation system. Patrons may determine if a particular item is available or on loan, and may put an item on reserve.

    Computer Usage:

    1. Students must sign an Internet usage agreement in the Library. No agreement—no usage of machines.

    2. Library reserves the right to ask students to leave the computers if they are abusing them.

    3. Research only is encouraged on the machines. Games are not allowed.

    Services Offered:

    1. Individual and independent study
    2. Reference
    3. Bibliographies
    4. Class Lessons—
      1. Provide a copy of your class assignment to a librarian at least three days in advance of the lesson
      2. Discuss the lesson and available resources with a librarian in person
      3. An appointment for the class will be given
      4. No walk-ins accepted
      5. This is not a free period for the classroom teacher. You are expected to assist.

    Gale Group Electronic Resources—Our school purchases subscriptions to an electronic database from the Gale Group that all staff members, students, and parents can access. This database consists of four resource centers to provide reference material, opinions, magazine and newspaper articles, literature research, and biographies via a website. This valuable database is available both in the Library and at home.
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