Student Union

The Student Union (S.U.) is the name of the student organization of Samuel J. Tilden High School. This organization is the keystone of the entire extracurricular program of the school. Athletic activities, clubs, publications (including Tilden Topics), dances, the annual concert, show, presentation of plays, contests, and other activities too numerous to list are made possible through S.U. appropriation of funds, sale of tickets, and leadership in organizing and launching the program. In order to carry out such a vast undertaking as running the extracurricular program of a large school, The S.U. must have the support of every Tildenite. You can support the S.U. by paying your annual dues, voting intelligently for S.U. representatives and officers serving in those capacities when the opportunity arises, and participating in the activities that are sponsored by the S.U. Student teams and clubs are urged to help raise money for their won activities under the supervision of the Coordinator of Student Affairs. Additional benefits of S.U. membership include discounts to neighborhood stores and Madison Square Garden events. The S.U. operates the Student Union Store, Room 102, near the Gymnasium 111, where a wide variety of school supplies and books may be purchased at low prices. Officers of the Student Union are elected annually for a one-year-term. The Student Union Executive Board consists of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Secretary, a President and Vice-president for each grade level.