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Our Mission

Vision To provide a challenging and inclusive educational environment with equity of opportunity and access that will enable all students, commensurate with their abilities, to maximize their potential as educated, healthy, productive and caring members of a multicultural society.

Mission We will:

·         Apply principles of learning with clear expectations set for all staff and students.

·         Maintain a rigorous knowledge-based academic curriculum to engage students in authentic work and develop critical thinking with realistic and creative assignments.

·         Encourage and reward high performance in attendance, positive behaviors, and academic skills.

·         Develop fair and credible evaluations to assess the acquisition of skills through effective problem solving.

·         Provide a safe and secure environment for every member of the school community.

·         Provide every teacher with a high level of professional development opportunities and a rich variety of educational, technological, and multicultural resources.

·         Welcome and encourage parents to be full and active educational partners in the school programs.

·         Promote diversified arenas that recognize and celebrate students’ accomplishments.

Provide clear, goal-oriented paths for students, teachers, and parents in order to maximize general education participation.

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