Our Community

Public School 163 was built in 1909 and is located in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn, New York. In 2010,  P.S./I.S. 163 relocated to a state of the art building at 109 Bay 14th Street, just behind the original building.

This new building houses a kindergarten to eighth grade school and serves a population of approximately 550 students. The community is home to many new immigrants from the Middle East, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Grades 2-8 participate in extended day learning four days a week. We have after-school programs in theater, instrumental music, physical education, and ESL.

Our school maintains strong ties with several institutions of higher learning such as Brooklyn College, St. Joseph’s College, Saint Francis College, Xaverian High School and Fort Hamilton High School. These institutions annually send us student teachers and apprentices who act as tutors to our students and apprentices to our teachers. Assemblies are conducted by community groups that include the Police and Fire departments, Kid’s Project, and Amico Senior Citizen’s Center. page5image25208
Property of P.S. 163 Bath Beach
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