Our Mission

P.S./I.S. 163’s primary mission is to educate, motivate, and nurture our students in a collaborative learning environment. 

A strong home-school partnership ensures success and encourages a love of learning, so that each child will flourish and develop the skills necessary to become life long learners and productive citizens.

These are the primary tenets of our mission:

- Each student will be ensured success in at least one aspect of our school life.

- Every adult in PS 163 will make him/herself available to assist all students.

- We believe that children learn in a variety of ways and our teaching methods will reflect the variety of ways children learn.

- We believe we must maintain and nurture a strong bond between school personnel, family, and community, which will foster the academic, creative, and social growth of our students.

- We believe that a positive school atmosphere contributes to and reinforces a high standard of learning.

- We believe that through the professional efforts and guidance of teachers and the support of parents, students will work toward meeting the standards of excellence.

- We believe that assessment of learning should be meaningful and presented positively to children.

- We believe that all school policies and attitudes should encourage success in both academic and social areas.

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