Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

We have PBIS committees at both our PS231@180 and PS231@54 sites. Our PBIS committees meet bi-weekly in order to create programming that will aide the students and staff members in their work towards our unified vision of behavior management.  They look at behavior at our sites, as a whole, with the goal of seeing what can be done to make our students achieve their behavior management goals.

The PBIS committee launched a program that works in partnership with the CHAMPS program already in place.  In addition to daily points, students can earn CIA (which stands for "Caught In the Act") tickets for behaving in safe, respectful and responsible ways. Staff members look for 5 targeted behaviors (safe, here, respect, responsible, ready) and award students as they catch students in the act of doing them.  Students collect their tickets and are able to redeem them in for anything from ice cream sundaes to a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Most recently, in response to issues that we have seen on the school bus, the PBIS teams launched a program similar to the CIA program for the bus environment.  The PBIS team worked with the bus drivers and escorts to target 4 behaviors (sitting with their seat belt on; keeping hands, feet and objects to themselves; using respectful language; and following directions) to look for and reward on the bus.  The PBIS decided that it was important for the bus teams to be the ones to give the rewards, so they designed tickets and checklists for them to hand out.  The bus points are then turned into the PBIS team and calculated towards two goals.  On a student by student basis, the points they earned can be redeemed for prizes in the school store.  Secondly, the PBIS team combined buses to form teams.  The points for each member of those bus teams are calculated and the bus team with the most points at the end of each month is rewarded with a pizza party.  The bus drivers and escorts of those buses are invited to the celebration as well and also receive their own rewards.

The PBIS team has seen a marked decrease in bus incidents since the program was launched in February.  The climate at our standard assessment sites has also improved.  We see students helping each other and their teachers like never before!