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History of New Utrecht HS

More than 300 years ago - on January 16, 1657, to be exact - nineteen Dutch settlers founded the town of New Utrecht, named after the city of Utrecht in Holland, from which their leader came.

It was from this early colony that New Utrecht High School received its name. The school was established in 1915, an offshoot of Bay Ridge High School, which up to that time had been coeducational. With the creation of New Utrecht High School, Bay Ridge became a school for girls only, while New Utrecht was an all-boys school.

The first home of the school, which had a population of 350 boys, was a wooden building on 86th Street near Eighteenth Avenue. Mr. Irving Hazen was its first principal, and the school colors, green and white, were selected as a compliment to Mr. Hazen's alma mater, Dartmouth College.

Although the first graduating class had only sixteen boys, the growth in student population was rapid. In November 1924, our present building on Eightieth Street and Sixteenth Avenue was opened, with a student body of about 2,300 and in February of the next year girls were admitted for the first time. Since then, three girls have been elected to the presidency of the G.O. In the next few years, the school continued to grow, until it consisted of a main building and four annexes, comprising a total of nearly 11,000 boys and girls. This was the largest student body in the entire world.

New Utrecht graduates have excelled in almost every field of activity - politics, literature, art music, law, athletics, medicine and engineering. They have been especially distinguished in the entertainment world, the theater, the movies and TV.

As new students, you can be proud of your school and its outstanding history. By your school service, your participation in school activities, and your fine personal behavior, you can not only maintain, but also add to New Utrecht's distinguished record.

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