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Principal's Message

New Utrecht High School serves 3,200 students of the Bensonhurst community. Many students follow family members who also graduated from the school, thus perpetuating family traditions. Fully one-third of the staff also attended this school - they also continue life long traditions. Our school is steeped in tradition. While in many ways this exerts a positive influence throughout the school, it impedes necessary innovations needed to change the delivery of instruction and foster an atmosphere conducive to "taking risks." Many students and faculty members are second and third generation members of the New Utrecht family. We have introduced new programs and collaboratives to bring differing perspectives and philosophies to the school community in an effort to effectuate positive change. While we do not wish to discourage traditions; we do wish to move the school to meet the needs of the 21st century through challenging and rigorous courses of study taught through various modalities.

Our students come from over 32 foreign lands. They speak 29 different languages. Our ELL population converses in many languages from Arabic to Urdu. Students are served in a rigorous academic environment, designed to assist them in reaching their maximum potential.

The vision of New Utrecht High School is based upon our commitment to educate our students to their fullest potential. To reach this end, we will offer a full academic program designed to meet and exceed new State standards. The thrust of our efforts involve a continued rigorous program of staff development, enrichment of all student programs and a meaningful partnership with parents and community. Our curricula will be driven by the needs of our students, ensuring every student a quality education.

New Utrecht High School also offers special programs. Some of these include:

  • Careers at New Utrecht Business Institute and Technology Institute
  • Math/Science Research Program
  • College Now
  • Virtual Enterprise
  • A+ Computer Repair (Certification Program)
  • Cisco (Certification Program)
  • New Utrecht Academy - Honors Program
  • Literacy Program
  • Prep-Tech
  • Advanced Placement

We also offer a sequence in Sports Medicine, a program unique in New York City. After extensive training, students serve internships in medical facilities to complete their requirements for graduation. We also participate in a full co-curricular extra-curricular program and field football, tennis teams, as well as the more traditionally representative teams for a total of nineteen. It is evident that the New Utrecht family is also working to ensure that our students continue to meet higher expectations. To that end, a full array of classes are offered to prepare our students to excel on the Regents examinations. The second language requirement is strictly enforced. Our students are encouraged to follow a School-to-Career path as well as to prepare for post-secondary educational experiences.

Our Virtual Enterprise is not just virtual - students run a business in the school and do everything related to keeping the business alive from producing commodities for sale to producing catalogues and advertisements. The program is open to general and special education students and is a source of pride to all.

Our C.R.E.A.T.E. Center provides a special learning environment for students who learn through non-traditional modalities. It is open to all students who are recommended to the program and has been very successful in accommodating the needs of our students.

To prepare for a successful transition to college, we offer SAT preparation classes during the regular school day, as well as on Saturdays. We also offer College Now classes in a variety of subject areas as well as AP courses. College Fairs are a part of our tradition, and college representatives also visit regularly.

Our school has set up collaborations with Keyspan, the Kiwanis Club, and the Italian-American League and these organizations have enabled us to further our goals.

Students participate in a wide array of interscholastic Athletics including: football, bowling, soccer, volleyball, swimming, basketball, baseball and softball.

After school students have the opportunity to join our Key Club, Chess Club, Science Research Club, Math team, Computer Club, Spiral, our literary magazine; Comet, our yearbook, NUHS, our award winning school newspaper and our neighborhood beautification committee. Students also participate in our dances, S.A.D.D. chapter, ECCO - Environment Program, Dyker Park Alliance, Ski trip, Theater Guild, Charity work and other seasonal activities.

Next year, we hope to expand our articulation program with the middle schools who serve our future students and we hope to establish a Teachers' Center to serve our faculty as they pursue staff development opportunities. We have been nominated as a "High School That Works" school, which will enable us to provide quality professional development experiences for our faculty, translating into higher achievement for our students. Our parents have also been encouraged to become more active members of the school community as we strive to raise expectations for all.

I hope you find this website a valuable tool in learning about our school. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Howard J. Lucks. Ed. D.

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